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Memorial Day Recipes


Memorial Day is upon us once again and like me, many of you will be firing up the grill and popping open a cold one to celebrate the long weekend. While you are enjoying all of the yummy goodness let’s not forget what this day is really about.

Over the last few years I have seen a growing number of posts on social media with people thanking soldiers and people currently serving in the Military for their service. While that is nice and those people do need to be thanked for their service, that’s not really what THIS day is all about. We have Veterans day for that. Memorial Day is all about the fallen heroes that bravely gave their lives in active service to our country. So while we are out having fun and drinking beer and cooking great food, let’s all try to take a moment to reflect and remember those Men and Woman who made it all possible for us by making the ultimate sacrifice.

Now let’s get to the food.

Instead and coming up with something new I wanted to re-share a few of recipes that I have previously put up that I believe to be perfect for Memorial Day and will be great to snack on while you hang out with your closest family and friends.

First up is one of my all time favorites. Jalapeno Poppers. I posted this recipe last year around the Fourth of July and it is great for this occasion as well. These little bites of spicy heaven are sure to please everyone in your back yard this weekend. Follow the link below for how to make Jalapeno “Firecracker” Poppers.

poppers done

Next we have something no get together should be without. Who doesn’t like chips and salsa? Well, I am sure there are a couple of people but they are weird and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. If you are like me and the majority of the rest of the country, follow the link below for my South Texas Hot Sauce recipe.


Last but certainly not least is a little something for the more refined palate. Or just an excuse to use the air fryer. Either way, these cheese stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetizer for any party. Follow this link for how to make these quick and delicious little bites of joy.


That’s it folks. I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Enjoy all of the company of your friends and family and all of the good food and drink.

Thanks for reading,


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