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Air Fryer Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


Around the end of last year (2017) I decided to purchase an air fryer and try it out. I had heard people talk about how great they were and how well they work but being a southern boy who had grown up on plenty of traditionally fried foods I was pretty skeptical. One of my neighbors bought one and couldn’t stop raving about how well it made frozen french fries taste just like regular fried french fries, but without all of the oil. So after finding one from Black and Decker for a really good price around Christmas I decided to go ahead and give it try.  I have tested it out on multiple things (frozen french fries included) and I can say without a doubt that I am pretty impressed with this little gadget. It really does do a pretty amazing job with heating up frozen items such as fries, onion rings, chicken strips, corn dogs and much more.


With that being said. I decided I really needed to test this thing out with cooking things that aren’t frozen and seeing how well it works with fresh homemade food. So far I have tested it with hand cut fries (regular and sweet potato) and decided recently to give it a try with cheese stuffed mushroom caps. I couldn’t believe how well they turned out and how quick it was to make them from start to finish. This recipe will be great for a quick snack or if you are putting together appetizers for a party.

Well, enough talking about it, let me get on with showing you how I did it.

What you need before you get started: Bowl for mixing, spoon, air fryer.


Grocery list:

1 package of baby bella mushrooms (8 oz)

blue cheese crumbles (2 oz)

Boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese ( 2 oz)

Finely shredded cheddar cheese (2 oz)

Prep and Cooking:

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest recipes that I have ever done and it is also one of the tastiest.

Wash the mushrooms and remove the stems (making sure not to break the caps).

Mix the three cheeses together into a paste in a bowl. Fill each cap with as much cheese mixture as it will hold.

Place the filled caps, cheese side up in a single layer in the bottom of the fryer basket. Cook for about 6 minutes on 450 degrees. About half way through, pull the basket out and sprinkle a little bit of salt. Finish cooking and remove them from the basket and let them cool.

Wow!!! Are we done already?


Yes we are. That was a quick one but it is also one that I am sure you wont be disappointed with.  The next time you have people over be sure to make a few of these to snack on. Your guests will thank you.


That’s it folks. You just made quick and delicious stuffed mushroom caps. Check back soon for more yummy goodness. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

Thanks for reading,


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