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Philly with a Kick


I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite sandwiches would have to be the Philly cheese steak sandwich. While growing up in Florida there was a little sub shop in my home town called Sobiks Subs. Sobiks made the best Philly cheese steak sandwiches that I have ever had. Over the years new owners came and went and while the name stayed the same, the sub itself went through a few changes. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good cheese steak but it was never quite the same as the original that grew up on. There was just something about the soft bread and seasoned meat with onions and peppers that tasted amazing. They also did something that not many sub shops do in the south. They steamed the subs and got the cheese melted and gooey so that it seeped into the meat and created a nice juicy sandwich. Years later while living in Texas I found a wonderful little Philly sandwich shop in Universal City called Youz Guys. They have a Philly that is very similar to that long lost sandwich that I loved growing up and it quickly became a new favorite of mine. It was a more traditional cheese steak but had a very similar taste to the one I grew up on. The owners were great people as well and it became one of those places I tried to visit as often as I could and always recommended it to everyone I knew. Now I’m in Charlotte, NC and the longing to recreate my childhood favorite sandwich has returned. I actually stumbled across a pretty close replica while visiting a chain sub shop out here not too long ago. Surprisingly the Philly cheese steak from Jersey Mikes is the closest I have come to finding that original Sobiks sub that I loved so many years ago, but there was still a little something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I think you know what comes next.

I took what I liked most about all three of those favorite Philly sandwiches that I have found over the years and decided create one of my own. I also decided that it would probably be selfish of me to keep this recipe to myself. So for my next recipe I give you my own version of the Philly cheese steak sub. Oh… and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give it just a little kick.

So here is what you need before you get started: Sharp knife and cutting board, non stick skillet, non stick cooking spray.


Grocery list

(Makes enough for right about three sandwiches)

8 oz sirloin steak (thinly sliced)

1 yellow or spanish onion

1 bell pepper

2 tablespoons of diced jalapenos

Kraft white american cheese

Martins hoagie rolls (or any soft hoagie roll, if you cant get Martins)

Kosher Salt and black pepper

Olive oil

Here is what you need to do to get everything prepped.

Thinly slice the steak. You want to get it as thin as you can, however I know that this can be difficult to do. One thing I have found that helps make it easier is to put the steaks in the freezer for about 45 minutes before you are ready to cut. This will get them just hard enough to make it easy for a sharp knife to shave the meat. You can also ask your meat department or butcher if they will do it before you purchase it. Some will, some wont.

Thinly slice the onion and bell pepper. Remove the seeds and white membrane from the jalapeno and small dice it. (Or you can use diced jalapeno from a jar, its up to you. It may make it a little easier if you are short on time).

Now you are ready to cook.


First: Heat the pan on medium high heat and coat with non stick spray, add about a tablespoon of olive oil and heat it. Now add the onions and peppers and saute them until the onions start to soften up and change colors.

Second: Push the onions and peppers to the sides of the pan and add the steak. Brown it with a few slightly dark and crispy edges (stirring it occasionally) and then mix together with the onions and peppers. Add a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of black pepper and stir together. Reduce heat to low and stir in  about 1/4 cup of water and let it simmer until most of the water has been absorbed.

Third: While the steak is simmering get your sub rolls ready to go. If they are not split already you will need to cut them long ways down the middle making sure not to go all the way through. Split one slice of the white american cheese in half and put across the bottom of the inside of the roll. Now spoon in as much of the steak and onion mixture as you want and then split another piece of cheese in half and immediately lay on top so that it will start to melt into the meat. If you would like to steam the sandwich like some sub shops do there is an easy way to do that right at home without a steamer. Put the sandwich on a plate. Get a couple of paper towels damp (not dripping wet, squeeze it out good) and cover the sandwich. Heat the sandwich in the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds. Don’t do it any longer than that or you will get a mess.  Now do that for each sandwich and you are done.


That wasn’t so hard, now was it? I’ve found that most of the best homemade food is simple food as long as you have the right flavors to mix together. I hope that you enjoy this recipe and come back soon for the next.

What should I do next? Sloppy Joes, chili, Meatloaf, fried chicken? So many choices.

Thanks for stopping by,


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